Row1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in each ch to the end, turn.

Row2-14: rep Row1. Fasten off. (See picture 9).

picture 9

The top of the bag

Join yarn with a sl st at the middle ch sp of the top side.

Fold the top of the bag in a half lengthwise to find the middle chain space. You need the chain spaces which are on the folds. Join yarn with a slip stitch at one of these chain spaces.

Rnd1: 3 ch, dc in current ch sp, 2 ch, 2 dc in the same ch sp, * 2 dc in the next ch sp, 2 ch, 2 dc in the same ch sp, rep from *, sl st to join in the 3rd ch from the beginning.

Rnd2: sl st in each of the next 3 st, * 3 ch, sc in the next ch-2 sp, rep from *, sl st in the 1st sl st of the rnd to join.

Rnd3: 1 ch, sc in each st to the end, sl st to join in the 1st ch of th rnd.Fasten off (see chart 10 and picture 10a).

picture 10

picture 10a

Rnd 4-8: rep Rnd3.

Rnd9: 1 ch, sc in the next 32 st, 10 ch, sk 10 st, sc in each of the next 42  st, 10 ch, sk 10 st, sc in each of the next 64  st, 10 ch, sk 10 st, sc in each of the next 42  st, 10 ch, sk 10 st, sc in each of the next 32, sl st to join (we have made cuts for the tabs).  

Rnd 10-16: rep Rnd3. Fasten off (see picture 11).

picture 11

Then fold the top of the bag along the Rnd9 (the cuts), insert the hook between Rnd7 the Rnd8 from one side and between Rnd10 and Rnd11 to another side (see picture 12).

picture 12

 Yo, draw a loop, sk 1 st, insert hook in the next st between Rnd7 and Rnd8 from one side and between  Rnd10 and Rnd11 to another side, yo, draw through the loop (see picture 13).

 picture 13

You should make a round of slip stitches, that will join two sides of the bag's top and sew the tabs to the cuts. Reaching the cut insert the tab (with the ring) into the cut and sew two sides of the bag with the tab using the row of slip stitches (see picture 14).

 picture 14

 Make the same round of slip stitches  one row lower to be tougher (see picture 15).

picture 15


You need tree kinds of fabric for this bag. The first one is dark lilac gabardine (2). This fabric will be seen throught the crochet base of the bag that is why it has to go with the color of the bag. The second fabric is for lining, I choose light orange gabargine (1). And the last one fabric is for the strenthing the sides of the bad, I use thick 100 % cotton fabric in two layers (3).

picture 16

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