Cutting out the pattern

As far as finished measurements of the bag are 19 inches (48 cm) wide x 15,3 inches (39 cm) height, you have to cut out the following pieces:  

  1. 1. dark lilac gabardine: a piece of 39" (99 cm) х 16,5" (42 cm) (seam allowances 0,6" (1,5 сm) are included), cut out the bottom using the pattern you've made before (seam allowances 0,6" (1,5 сm) should be included);
  2. 2. 100% thick cotton: 37,8" (96 cm) х 15,4" (39 cm) (without the seam allowances), cut out the bottom also without the seam allowances;
  3. 3. lining (light orange gabardine): a piece of 39" (99 cm) х 16,5" (42 cm) (seam allowances 0,6" (1,5 сm) are included), cut out the bottom (seam allowances 0,6" (1,5 сm) should be included), inside pockets: 10,2" (26 cm) х 6,7" (17 сm), 7,5" (19 cm) х 6,7" (17 сm) (seam allowances 0,6" (1,5 сm) are included).

Sew a cotton piece to the dark lilac gabardine, do the same with the bottom. Pay attention to the padding for the seam allowances (picture 16a).

picture 16a

Sew the side seam, sew the bottom.

picture 17

You may strengthen the bottom in addition. I use some pieces of fabric for it, sew them in several layers and cut out a pattern of bottom.

picture 18

Then sew this detail by hand to the wrong side of bag fabric base (dark lilac gabardine).

Sew the lining that you've made  to the top of the  crochet bag, it's better to stitch the pieces by hand before using the sew machine (see picture 19).

picture 19

Sew the zipper, it's better to stitch it by hand to the bag before using the sew machine too (see picture 20).

picture 20

Make also the lining  of light orange gabardine: sew the inside pockets to the different sides of the lining, sew the side seam, sew the bottom and sew it to the bag (see picture 21).

picture 21

Handle (make 2).

When you make crochet handles for the bag it's better to strengthen them additionally to keep crochet handles from stretching.

I usually make a fabric base for the handles. This base should be prepared before you start crocheting your handles. It can be narrow piece of fabric sewed with a sewing machine in 2 or 4 layers or any fabric tape. It's necessary that this fabric or tape is not be stretchy. I've prepared 4 narrow pieces of fabric sewed in 4 layers 18" (45cm) in length and 0,5" (1,2 cm) in width.

picture 22

Then take light grey yarn, use D/3 (3,25 mm) hook and work in 1 thread.

18 ch join with sl st to form a ring.

Rnd1: 1 ch, sc in each st to the end.

Rnd2-8: repeat Rnd1. Fasten off.

With opposite side of crochet item foundation chain join yarn with a slip stitch in unused loop of the first chain, 1 ch, sc in each remaining ch across. Rep this rnd 7 times. Do not fasten off. We've made a lower part of the handle. Using the safety pin insert the narrow piece of fabric into the crochet item and put it in the middle of the piece of fabric (see picture 23).

picture 23

Insert the crochet part of the handle with the piece of fabric into the metal ring, put the inner sides of the crochet item together, join two inner sides with a row of single crochets (work 9 single crochets). Then working round crochet the interior sides  with the round of single crochets. Repeat this round 43 times (see picture 24).

picture 24

One part of the handle is ready. Work the same to make another part of the handle.

picture 25

Attach a sewing pin to the piece of fabric where you've finished crocheting the handle (make a marker for the point where you stopped crocheting). Then move the outer crochet  part of the handle towards the metal ring and attach it with another sewing pin, because we don't need to work with it yet. Do not remove the first pin. Measure with the ruler 1 inch from the first pin  towards the metal ring and draw a line with a sewing chalk.  Make a seam with the sewing machine along this line. Then measure with the ruler 1 inch from the first pin to the opposite direction, draw a line with the sewing chalk, cut off the fabric along this line (see picture 26).

picture 26

Work the same for another part of the handle. Then we have to make the middle part of the handle. Cut of the piece of fabric as it shown in the picture 27(1) (see also chart 28), join two parts of the handle, attach them with the sewing pin, make 2 seams with the sewing machine.

picture 27

picture 28

Then remove the pins, join the crochet parts of the handle and sew them to each other by hand with the sewing needle.

picture 29

The first handle is ready. Make another one handle working the same way as the first one.

picture 30

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